Everybody’s Izakaya

Everybody’s has been in the Imperial Lane complex on Fort Lane, Auckland for a couple of years now and recently changed into an Izakaya style eatery with a focus on shared plates of modern Japanese style food.

The dining space is amazing with high ceilings and  several different areas including a courtyard and a split level dining area with different seating options ranging from comfortable couches and bench seating for groups to intimate tables for two.

The standout dishes from our selection included the garden vegetables with ‘saga’ hot olive oil emulsion, a selection of raw, crunchy vegetables including carrots, radishes and cucumber with a smooth, creamy dipping sauce; the baked eggplant with spicy chicken mince and saikyo miso, soft tender eggplant chunks with an incredibly tasty chicken mince topped with blobs of saikyo miso and yum yum sauce; and the slow roasted King Ora salmon with apple and fennel salad, soft, melt in the mouth salmon perfectly complimented with a refreshing but simple salad.

We also tried the cured salmon Chawan mushi with dashi; the house made silken tofu and the tuna, avocado, crispy nori, wasabi and dashi jelly.

The desserts looked too interesting to stop now and included one of my favourite Japanese foods, black sesame ice cream.  We ordered the chocolate with black sesame, caramelised banana and praline and the ‘carrot cake’ with yuzu yogurt, custard cake and carrot glass. Both were delicious, the carrot cake light, tangy and refreshing and the chocolate rich and satisfying although the caramelised banana seemed slightly out of place to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Everybody’s Izakaya and will definitely return, next time with a big group to try more of the menu.



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