Shaolin Kungfu Noodles

Shaolin Kung fu Noodles is a northern Chinese eatery located on Dominion Road in Auckland.

The food is quite different from the usual Cantonese style food found around Auckland.  For starters, there is no pork, instead the menu features chicken, beef and unusually for a Chinese restaurant, lamb.  The spices used in most of the dishes are also different with more chilli and spices such as cumin giving the food a distinctive flavour.

I’ve been twice in the last couple of weeks and have tried a variety of dishes.  The stand outs for me were the noodle dishes, Kung fu chicken noodle soup which had a clear light, healthy feeling broth, handmade noodles, strips of chicken and Chinese vegetables and the stir fried cleaver cut noodles.  Thick, handmade, hand cut, chewy noodles stir fried with plenty of chilli and a selection of vegetables.

We also tried the chicken and corn dumplings, the Chinese beef burger (which could have used some sort of sauce), the spring onion pancake (crunchy and crispy and not too oily), and both the lamb and chicken with soft cartilidge skewers.

636 Dominion Road, Balmoral


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