Petit Bocal Part Two

I enjoyed dinner at Petit Bocal last Friday night so much that I had to go back this week to try out the lunch menu.  See my post on dinner at Petit Bocal here.

Petit Bocal has an extensive brunch and lunch menu that includes all the usual offerings such as eggs benedict, eggs florentine, bagels, baguettes, salads, crepes and omlettes.  There are also a few more unusual dishes such as JP’s marinated sardines, Shashi’s eggs and sourdough tartines.

We ordered the crepes with lemon and sugar; a baguette with champagne ham, emmental cheese, tomato and salad; the sourdough tartine with home cured salmon gravlax, dill mayonnaise, red onion and capers; the sourdough tartine with pulled chicken, capsicum, red onion, corgettte, basil and coriander and a bowl of the thick cut rosemary salted fries with homemade aioli.

All the food was delicious once again, fresh, light and tasty. The breads in particular we’re especially good, both the baguette and the sourdough had chewy crusts and soft, fluffy insides.  The only thing that was slightly disappointing were the crepes.  They were well cooked and beautifully presented but I felt that $12 was a bit expensive for two crepes, a little dish of brown sugar and a two wedges of lemon.

The service was very good with the waitress even bringing over coloring books and crayons for my two little ones.


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