At a family dinner the other night, my brother was talking about Baduzzi, a new restaurant in Wynyard Quarter by Michael Dearth from The Grove, which offers Italian inspired food and wine.

We went out for an early lunch today for my Mum’s birthday and instead of going to a cafe as usual, we thought we’d try somewhere new and go to Baduzzi based on the recommendations of my brother. I’d also heard they were kid friendly with a children’s menu, crayons and an activity sheet.  It sounded lIke a good place to try with my two daughters in tow.

We got settled quickly with drinks, activity sheets and crayons for the kids and looked over the lunch menu, which is the same as the dinner menu.

We ordered the handmade buttered pasta and meatballs with tomato sauce for the girls. For the adults we ordered the Coromandel crayfish meatballs with Savoy cabbage, braised chickpeas and heirloom carrots; the grilled Wagyu meatballs with onion gravy, salsa verde and cannellini beans; the saffron gnocchi with goats curd, burnt butter and marjoram; the warm insalata of white beans, pickled artichokes and blue bantam eggs and a couple of bowls of handmade pasta to go with the meatballs.

We are usually quite big eaters and when the dishes first arrived, we all thought they were a bit on the small side but they turned out to be perfectly portioned and very satisfying.

I don’t  think I’ve ever said this before, but I’ve found it hard to pick a standout dish from our selections.  Both the Crayfish meatballs and the Wagyu meatballs were tender and perfectly complimented by their sauces and accompaniments.  The gnocchi was divine, a burst of flavour in my mouth,  everything about the dish perfect.  And the salad was fresh and delicious with the white beans and pickled artichokes making the dish a lot more hearty than a usual salad.

After all the food was so amazing, even though we were full, we had to try dessert.  We ordered the handmade gelato from the kids menu, two bombolonis, which are custard filled donuts rolled in cinnamon and topped with chocolate sauce and finally the cannoli with ricotta, citrus confit and chocolate chips.

Again all the desserts were delicious.  The kids gelato was a very generous portion and my daughters devoured it.  The bombolonis were crisp on the outside and filled with a silky custard, the slight fault was that the chocolate sauce was a bit over powering.  The cannoli was also fantastic, crunchy and crisp and the filling was creamy with a perfect amount of zest from the citrus confit and surprise bursts of the chocolate chips scattered throughout.

Phone: 09 309 9339


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