Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cafe Viet

Cafe Viet is a new Vietnamese style eatery in Grey Lynn.

We went recently for an early lunch with the kids and tried a range of dishes.  They have a kids menu but as our children regularly eat and enjoy Asian food, we ordered from the regular menu and they shared our food.

We tried fresh rice paper rolls with smoked salmon and watercress; fish and prawn net spring rolls; salt and pepper squid with lemon dipping sauce and crisp rice flour crepe stuffed with pork, prawns and beansprouts.

All of the food was delicious, light, fresh and tasty and full of characteristic Vietnamese flavours.  The rice paper rolls were a nice change with the light option of smoked salmon instead of the traditional pork and prawns and served with a tasty peanut satay style dipping sauce.  The fish and prawn net rolls were amazing, a light crispy vermicelli pastry net encasing the prawn and fish filling, not at all oily and served with nuoc mam.  The salt and pepper squid was perfectly cooked and served with a slightly unusual, very fresh and tangy lemon dipping sauce.  

Finally the rice flour crepe, which for me was definitely the highlight of the meal.  The crepe itself was light, fluffy, crisp, slightly coconutty and stuffed with fat prawns, tender pieces of pork and crisp beansprouts.  It was served with nuoc mam dipping sauce, fresh lettuce pieces, coriander and Vietnamese mint.  The herbs in particular were a very nice touch, adding another dimension to the dish and something not usually found in other New Zealand Vietnamese restaurants.

I will definitely return to Cafe Viet.  I thoroughly enjoyed our meal there and am keen to try some of the other dishes such as the beef pho and the caramelized salmon hotpot.