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Current Food Obsessions – January 2014

Singapore noodles from KK Malaysian click here to see why

Funfetti Cupcakesclick here to see my post on them

A homemade version of the Pandoro brownie – over Christmas we had a 4.5kg block of Toblerone, as there is only so much Toblerone that we could eat, we set about finding recipes too incorporate it into. The best idea seemed to be the best option. Our first try was a bit of a dud, turning out more a bit too cakey and not as fudgy or decadent as a brownie should be. My brother and his wife suggested making the famous Pandoro brownie (the recipe is available online, click here to see) and it was amazing. Rich chocolately, decadent, fudgy with a crunchy crust and of course made even richer by the huge chunks of Toblerone that we dotted through it. Divine.

Chickpeas – so good for you, tasty and so versatile. Hummus, falafels, salads, added to casseroles.

Vietnamese rice flour crepes – so fresh and tasty and although the classic filling is pork and prawn, there are many other flavour combinations.  I had a delicious mushroom and tofu version over the Christmas holidays.



Cronuts are one of the latest food fads to explode in Auckland.  They are said to have originated from chef Domonique Ansell of The Domonique Ansell Bakery in New York.  Described as a doughnut – croissaint hybrid, they are not actually made by deep frying croissant pastry but are in fact a type of laminated dough that is made using a proprietary recipe.  The dough cooked then sugared, iced or filled.

It seems like almost every cafe in Auckland is currently offering a cronut on their menu in a range of flavours from cinnamon sugar to chocolate and vanilla custard filled.

I’ve tried cronuts from a couple of different places and have found that the product varies wildly depending on where you buy from.

The first cronut I tried was a cinnamon and sugar flavour (below) from Petit Bocal which is a French cafe in Sandringham.  See my posts on Petit Bocal here and here.  The others food I’ve tried from Petit Bocal was top rate but their cronuts were disappointing.  Although it had the croissant like layers, it was small, flat and really just tasted like a doughnut.

I next tried cronuts from Coffee and Donuts, the latest addition to Britomart, located at the back of the Laudromat boutique.  These were entirely different, although they looked like a doughnut, they were about twice the size of a regular doughnut and light but dense at the same time.  The layers inside were clearly visible and feather light  and the outside crisp yet chewy.  One cronut was iced with chocolate and almond flakes and the other switch a caramel sauce and hazelnuts (as seen in the image at the top of this post).  The caramel one was by far the best.

Although the cronuts from Coffee and Donuts were delicious, they were also incredibly rich and sweet, I could virtually feel the fat oozing into my mouth with each bite.  I’m not sure how anyone could get through a whole cronut on their own.

Although I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to get some more cronuts, the bottom line is if you want to indulge (and they are most definitely an indulgence!) in the cronut craze, be careful where you buy your cronuts from as they’re not all created equally.