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Funfetti Cupcakes

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of funfetti baking around the Internet and have been wanting to try some out.  I wanted to do a test run as one of my daughter’s birthdays is coming up in April and I’m thinking of using a funfetti cake as the base and transforming it into whatever shape or character she sets her heart on.  We had some friends over for a BBQ on Sunday, a mix of six adults and six kids, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a test run.

I used the recipe from the website how sweet it is, click here to see.

I didn’t have quite enough sprinkles at home (I used1/4 of a cup instead of the 1/3 of a cup in the recipe) so my version don’t look quite as colourful (next time I will definitely use more sprinkles).

The cupcakes were a hit.  The kids loved them and the adults all enjoyed them too. They had a lovely vanilla flavour and the sprinkles through cake cupcakes were a really fun addition that added a little bit of a crunch to the normally soft cake texture.

Overall a really good cake flavour, I’ll definitely be using this again, especially for kids birthday parties – my kids love anything with sprinkles!


Elmo Birthday Cake

One of my daughters had a birthday this week and it was my turn to make the cake. She chose one of her favourite characters for her cake, Elmo, or Mo Mo as she calls him.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make a large cake in the shape of Elmo’s head or some cupcakes decorated to look like Elmo.  After a lot of thinking, I finally came up with the idea to make mini Elmo heads out of fondant for the cupcakes. I wanted to try something different and I’ve never worked with fondant before.

One thing led to another and I ended up making a two large fondant Elmo’s and 12 mini Elmo heads for cupcakes.  The fondant was reasonably easy to work with and the results were really cool.

I made one large white chocolate mud cake for the main birthday cake and a batch of chocolate fudge cupcupcakes.  I had a lot of batter left over from the cupcake recipe so I also made a batch of mini cupcakes, which unfortunately crumbled when I tried to take them out of the cases.

I had a whole bowl of cake crumbs left over which seemed a waste to throw out so I thought I’d try making some cake pops.  Another first for me, the cake pops were reasonably straight forward.  I made a batch of cream cheese icing, mixed it in with the cake pops and rolled into balls.  I put the balls into the freezer until firm, then pushed sticks into the balls, rolled them in melted chocolate then decorated them with sprinkles and pebbles.  Finally I stood them in a block of polystyrene to dry.

The cake pops turned out really well.  They looked amazing all clustered together and the kids loved to eat them.  I’ll definitely make them again next time I have some left over cake bits or a cake that doesn’t turn out properly.