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KK Malaysian

KK Mslaysian has been serving up authentic Malyasian food from their Epsom restaurant for over eight years.   I’ve been there a couple of times e recently and have found the food to be amazing.  I’ve only been there a few times for dinner as its always completely packed and waiting times for food tend be long.  Lunch time is much more enjoyable with tables readily available and food arriving quickly.

On a visit just before Christmas last year, we tried the seafood laksa and the Singapore noodles. The laksa was delicious, creamy and coconutty, packed full of prawns, squid , tofu and even some hard boiled egg (which is missing from a lot of laksas in Auckland).  However, the Singapore noodles was the standout. Although I enjoy Singapore noodles, they are usually quite greasy and heavy. This version of the dish was fresh and light.  Instead of the usual pieces of BBQ pork, there was pieces of chicken, the noodles also had pieces of cooked tomato and a pile of fresh shredded lettuce on top.  They were also delicately flavoured and had a good hit of chilli (I asked for spicy).

As you might be able to tell, the KK version of the Singapore noodles has become one of my current food obsessions click here to see the list of them.  I returned this week to have the Singapore noodles and they were just as good as the first time.

463A Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland

Phone: 09 630 3555


Funfetti Cupcakes

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of funfetti baking around the Internet and have been wanting to try some out.  I wanted to do a test run as one of my daughter’s birthdays is coming up in April and I’m thinking of using a funfetti cake as the base and transforming it into whatever shape or character she sets her heart on.  We had some friends over for a BBQ on Sunday, a mix of six adults and six kids, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a test run.

I used the recipe from the website how sweet it is, click here to see.

I didn’t have quite enough sprinkles at home (I used1/4 of a cup instead of the 1/3 of a cup in the recipe) so my version don’t look quite as colourful (next time I will definitely use more sprinkles).

The cupcakes were a hit.  The kids loved them and the adults all enjoyed them too. They had a lovely vanilla flavour and the sprinkles through cake cupcakes were a really fun addition that added a little bit of a crunch to the normally soft cake texture.

Overall a really good cake flavour, I’ll definitely be using this again, especially for kids birthday parties – my kids love anything with sprinkles!

Cafe Viet

Cafe Viet is a new Vietnamese style eatery in Grey Lynn.

We went recently for an early lunch with the kids and tried a range of dishes.  They have a kids menu but as our children regularly eat and enjoy Asian food, we ordered from the regular menu and they shared our food.

We tried fresh rice paper rolls with smoked salmon and watercress; fish and prawn net spring rolls; salt and pepper squid with lemon dipping sauce and crisp rice flour crepe stuffed with pork, prawns and beansprouts.

All of the food was delicious, light, fresh and tasty and full of characteristic Vietnamese flavours.  The rice paper rolls were a nice change with the light option of smoked salmon instead of the traditional pork and prawns and served with a tasty peanut satay style dipping sauce.  The fish and prawn net rolls were amazing, a light crispy vermicelli pastry net encasing the prawn and fish filling, not at all oily and served with nuoc mam.  The salt and pepper squid was perfectly cooked and served with a slightly unusual, very fresh and tangy lemon dipping sauce.  

Finally the rice flour crepe, which for me was definitely the highlight of the meal.  The crepe itself was light, fluffy, crisp, slightly coconutty and stuffed with fat prawns, tender pieces of pork and crisp beansprouts.  It was served with nuoc mam dipping sauce, fresh lettuce pieces, coriander and Vietnamese mint.  The herbs in particular were a very nice touch, adding another dimension to the dish and something not usually found in other New Zealand Vietnamese restaurants.

I will definitely return to Cafe Viet.  I thoroughly enjoyed our meal there and am keen to try some of the other dishes such as the beef pho and the caramelized salmon hotpot.

Currently Coveting: Miu Miu Sunglasses

Summer is almost here and every summer I find myself looking at the sunglasses selection.  It doesn’t matter whether I actually need any new sunglasses or not, just trying on new sunglasses makes me feel like the cold, wet weather is behind me for the year.

Miuccia Prada is one of the most iconic figures of the fashion world and she produces beautiful clothes and accessories season after season for her Miu Miu line.  Although I generally love what she does for Prada each season, I find the Miu Miu line to be more fun and accessible.

Miu Miu have produced several pairs of beautiful sunglasses this season, all of which I would love to own.

The first pair is the turquoise hexagonal pair below:

The style and shape of these glasses fit in with the current trend for retro inspired shades and the colour is the perfect bright pop for summer.  The front of the frames have a suede like fabric on them giving them a matte finish.

Next up are:

The cats eye shape is again a very retro style and the navy and gold colour way a bit more of a classicwhile still being more interesting than the black and silver sunglasses usually seen.

And finally:

Its a bit hard to see the detail in the image above but in real life these glasses are amazing.  The frames are silver glitter and the shape are the classic big style sunglasses that I tend to wear most as they really suit my face shape.